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ZombieRollers is an arcade-style game where players must avoid zombies until they obtain a Zombie Ball. Upon touching one, players will enter the Zombie Ball, allowing them to quickly roll around and smash as many zombies as they can. ZombieRollers contains several characters, levels, and control styles to choose from, with more characters and levels available through in-app purchases. Special power-ups and Zombie Balls will appear during gameplay. Several mini-games that change up the base game, such as only being able to push a frozen zombie or having to collect cherries, are are playable as well.

We developed ZombieRollers with Unity and created all art assets. It was published for iOS through Chillingo, a division of Electronic Arts, and by Plow Games for Android. After launch, we got the awesome news that fans of the game took it upon themselves to set up a tournament at PAX East, telling us that people were genuinely enjoying the game.

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