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Over the years, Plow has worked with several clients to develop training that teaches important concepts in fun ways. Here are some great examples:

Kia Service Hero Challenge is a time-management game that teaches about how to provide the best customer service in a Kia dealership and maintain a high CSI Average. Users must quickly greet customers, check them in, take them to the waiting room, get them when their car is ready, check them out, and finally take them to their car. New customers continually enter the dealership at an increasing rate, so users need to stay on top of things to not fall behind. To move around, users simply have to click an object or area, and the avatar will use A* path finding to walk to that location. Kia Service Hero Challenge was made with and JavaScript and is very mobile-friendly.

IU Health Strength Training III is a large game that teaches IU Health employees about how they can create the best experience for their patients, in a fun way. Users can log in with their employee credentials to track progress, create an avatar, select a track that best fits their expertise, and walk through an IU Health location to interact with people and objects around the facility. Noticing objects that look out of place will add points to a user's score and inform them about why it was out of place, and talking to people will bring up one of several mini games to play and learn from. Strength Training III was made with Adobe Flash.

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