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Revenue Smasher:
An ABM Adventure

Terminus, an international B2B marketing software company, wanted to develop a game in the style of classic, 16-Bit Japanese RPGs as a way to market their capabilities. After playing our 16-Bit Office Tour of the Plow Games downtown (now virtual) office, they contacted us to get started on their dream.


Over several months, we had a lot of fun working with Terminus to develop a great game that would have all the things you'd expect from a classic 16-Bit RPG, such as awesome pixel-art, a nostalgic turn-based battle system, an amazing custom soundtrack, and more! Not only is Revenue Smasher playable on the web, we also made a version for Retroid Pocket handheld gaming systems that are sold with Terminus-branded decals at their company store. Revenue Smasher: An ABM Adventure was made with Unity.

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