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Last Front: Europe

We created Last Front: Europe for iPod Touch in 2007. This "tower defense" style game was a passion project based in our love of military history. The game featured four campaigns in the European theater of WWII. Players could select their army from the US, British, Soviet and German sides of the conflict; each featuring their own weapons, cosmetics and rank systems. Players earned ranks and medals based on the campaign and their achievements in the game.

Last Front was developed with XCode and Objective-C. A Flash widget was also created that would allow level designers to generate game maps and scenarios in the form of xml documents. This widget was later made available online to allow players to create their own scenarios in the game. Players could create accounts, sign in and access and share their custom scenarios, as well as rate them. The website also featured historical context for the campaigns with historical video footage and references for the dedicated history buff.

An "HD" version with new maps was released for the first generation iPad as well. Plow reskinned Last Front: Europe as Last Front: Goo Invasion in which the US army must defend the country from bouncing alien goo balls that would divide when hit, adding a new wrinkle to the classic tower defense game play.

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