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Pew Pew Entertainment
iSiege: Nuclear Option

Pew Pew Entertainment, a startup company, wanted to launch a simple real-time strategy game with online multiplayer. Plow was hired to develop iSiege: Nuclear Option, a game where players could take turns sending out a range of attacks that run autonomously. Attack options included ICMB missiles that could be manually directed, tanks and troops that moved at different speeds with varying health and attack power, and blockades to temporarily hinder any ground movement. Terrain was procedurally generated every game. Players could play single-player against a computer with three difficulty settings, local multiplayer by passing the device each turn, and online multiplayer by choosing an opponent from the online lobby.

Plow worked with Pew Pew Entertainment to plan the functionality of the game. We developed it with Unity, created all art, and used Unity's networked game library to handle the online multiplayer. The game was released for iOS and Android devices and featured cross-platform online multiplayer.

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