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Endless Blitz

hhgregg, a large chain department store, held seasonal sweepstakes that gave their customers a chance to enter and win great prizes. Wanting a fun game to help drive entries, they contacted Plow to develop Endless Blitz, a football-themed, endless running game. Players could choose from several characters, including Blue, the mascot for the Indianapolis Colts, and run as far as they could in hopes of ranking-in on the global leaderboard. As they ran, players could collect tokens that would allow them to enter whichever sweepstakes campaign was active. Several power-ups could be found during gameplay, and any collected coins could be used to purchase power-ups from an in-game shop.

Plow worked with hhgregg to design the game. We developed the game with Unity, and created all 3D models, textures, animations, and UI. We also handled the web APIs for leaderboard entries, as well as for sweepstakes tie-ins and custom ads that allowed content to be dynamically downloaded to the game. It was released for iOS and Android. Yearly updates were made to add extra characters, environment types, power-ups, and even a Flappy Bird style mini-game.

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