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Hammermill, an international paper production company, wanted to create games to market their products. They hired Plow to develop Recycle Toss, a paper ball throwing game. Players could choose from several different environments of varying difficulties to try and land their paper ball in the green bin. Desk fans would appear in different positions and directions for an extra challenge. Players could unlock trophies or earn a place on the leaderboard based on their performance.

Upon the success of Recycle Toss, Hammermill again hired Plow, this time to develop Plane Fun, an paper plane endless flying game. Fans, obstacles, and power-ups would appear as players flew through an office environment. Players could place on the leaderboard with good enough distance.

Plow planned out the functionality of both games. We developed them with Unity and created all 3D models, textures, animations, and UI. Both games were released for iOS and Android.

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