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Obi Digital

Obi Digital, a consumer product company, partnered with Plow to create a new interactive toy called Apparooz. Toy Apparooz characters (Rooz) come in packages of six, and using the Apparooz app, players can scan their toys to unlock that character in-app. From there, they can play games, dress their Roo, or even create new digital Rooz by "Shifting" two different Rooz.

Plow worked with Obi Digital to plan the functionality of the app. We developed the game with Unity and created all 3D models, textures, animations, and UI. We also combined our own custom web APIs with the PlayFab API to handle management of player data and accounts, and used Unity's AR Foundation (ARKit/ARCore) for scanning physical Rooz toys. Apparooz was released for iOS and Android.

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